Customer Spotlight: Zman

Here’s what our long-time customer, Zman, has to say.

What has kept you coming back?
I would say the service. It’s exceptional. The employees seem to care about doing a great job and it has been very consistent. Every time I go through it comes out great on the other side. A lot of people think my truck is brand new, but it’s an ’07 and JetSplash has helped me maintain that and kept it looking good. I also think everyone that works here has a lot of pride. They probably do a little better job because of the feeling, and they want the truck to look good.

I think all the Jetsplashes are all very well organized and you can’t tell one from the other from how they’re run. I also think a huge reason for their success is the equipment they use. They use top of the line foam and soap. IT’s well managed and the owners care about what they do and they keep Lincoln’s cars clean.

What is your favorite thing about JetSplash?
Well, believe it or not when I take my truck through I get a certain amount of relaxation physically going through the tunnel. It just smells clean when I go through, in addition to the friendly staff. I look forward to coming through each and every time.

Another one of my favorite things is their new product JetGloss. I can visibly see the small scratches slowly being stripped off my paint

No matter how long the line looks, it moves very quickly and you’re in and out in a short amount of time.

Customer Spotlight: Zman